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Dear Friends, Jeana Teiju Moore, a good friend and a founding member of the Zen Peacemaker Circles, has been walking across the country to raise awareness for the need for bone marrow donors, under the auspices of the Jada Bascom Foundation. Her infant granddaughter was diagnosed with a rare form of leukemia at birth and is now thriving, thanks to a donation of bone marrow from a young man in Germany. You can see the story on the website www.stepstomarrow.

Both she and the Jada Bascom Foundation have been nominated for awards through the Classy Awards. The nomination and becoming a finalist for the awards were based on merit, but whether they get the award or not depends on how many votes they get.

The voting will take place until Oct. 22 (and began Oct. 9). The way it works is that people can vote daily, in each of the two categories.
So I’m asking you as a friend and supporter of Jeana and the Jada Bascom Foundation, to look at her website and decide for yourself if you’d like to engage in this process of voting for her and the foundation.

To do so you need to:
1. Go to the Classy Awards website,
2. Scroll down to near the bottom of the page on the left and click on Nominations.
3. Then click the LA tab (back at the top) and look for the Volunteer category. Please vote for Jeana if you think she is the best candidate.
4. You will then need to register so you can get back in easily daily.
5. Vote again, this time clicking on the NY tab. This time you will be looking for the Small Category of the Year category.
(You may need to exit the site and then re-enter in order to cast this second vote. At least I did need to do it this way this morning).

Thanks for your attention. If they win in either of these categories it will catapult their foundation’s work to the national stage, which will increase donors for more people in Jada’s situation.

If you’d like to pass this on to people in your network, and suggest that they also pass on the info, that would also help the cause a lot.
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