Protests held in Des Moines during visit of China’s VP Xi Jinping

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Protests began in Washington upon Xi Jinping’s arrival in the United States on Monday

Several hundred Tibetans and their supporters rallied at the Iowa Statehouse on Wednesday to protest the arrival of Chinese Vice President Xi Jinping for a dinner engagement. Xi Jinping will likely take over as president of China by next year. Security details shielded the Chinese envoy from protesters, having closed off the Capital grounds to anyone but lawmakers, politicians, government officials, and credentialed media personnel.

Protesters were relegated to an area hundreds of yards away, where they held a candleight vigil. According to the WCF Courrier, Xi Jinping was there to enjoy a “dinner of bacon-wrapped pork, butternut squash and sweet corn cheesecake.” Xi Jinping’s visit here to the United States comes at a time when China’s relationship with Tibet is at an all-time low.

Protests began in Washington upon Xi Jinping’s arrival in the United States on Monday, which led to arrests in the nation’s Capital. According to Tibet Post International’s coverage, “Tibet supporters and five hundred Tibetans from Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Illinois traveled to Iowa today to continue the wave of protests targeting China’s future President, Xi Jinping, during his US visit.”

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