HELP WANTED: WordPress Bug Fixing volunteer

The Zen Peacemakers builds, maintains and develops its online presence through a team of dedicated online volunteers.  We are looking for a new recruit to this team who will dedicate 2-4 hours per week for a limited or ongoing basis.  Currently, we are looking for someone with some WordPress experience who could help us with a number of bugs.  If you have WordPress experience, you may know how to fix these problems.  Otherwise, this may be an opportunity to do some research online, doing web searches or participating in the WordPress forums.

These bugs include:  Fixing the search feature on our homepage, removing the word “posted” from the tops of our pages and making text easier to read.

If you would like to join the inner core of our online community and participate in spreading a message of peace and compassion throughout the world, please e-mail [email protected] expressing what you would like to work on, how many hours you can dedicate per week and what experience you bring to the table.

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