Greyston Real Estate

Greyston Real Estate

In above photo from left to right: Maezumi Roshi, Hon. Al Del Bello, Sandra Jishu Holmes, Bernie Glassman, Ellen Burstyn, Alan Ginsberg, Kuroda Sensei, Junyu Kuroda Roshi, Tamiko Kuroda at the opening of the first Greyston housing for previously homeless folks.


After creating jobs for the unemployed  in the community through the Greyston Bakery in the 1980’s,

Latest Housing Project Opening in 2012

Greyston’s founder, Bernie Glassman, decided to address another great need in South West Yonkers, affordable housing. What began on Warburton Avenue in Yonkers spread all the way to Irvington and Pleasantville, NY. Today, Greyston currently has affordable and low income housing at 8 different locations. In those buildings Greyston meets the housing needs of formerly homeless persons, senior citizens, artists and musicians and persons living with AIDS/HIV, as well as the housing needs of those seeking affordable housing.

Meeting community needs:

Aside from Greyston’s programs and offices that are located at some of its housing sites, Greyston has other important community services and business that occupy commercial space in its buildings. For example, the Irvington Public Library is housed in one of our buildings in Irvington; the Pleasantville Senior Center is located on the first floor of our 24 unit building for seniors, and a lavish ballroom for catered events is located in Getty Square at its 2-8 Hudson Street buildings along with a fabulous new Pakistani/Indian restaurant.

PathMaking in its Program:

In keeping with its PathMaking philosophy to provide support to individuals as they seek self sufficiency, Greyston not only provides employment but also housing for a number of its employees. Many of those employees have been long term tenants, and one in particular was an original tenant in the Warburton Avenue apartments when they were built in the 80’s! She says, “It has been a great experience living and working in the same community. Working at Greyston, I get to see the children who attended our Childcare center go on to public school, and I’m able to relate to their parents as involved and concerned residents of this community.”

In the forefront, Shelley Weintraub, our VP of Real Estate  Development, continues to seek out and diligently work on other development opportunities for Greyston.

Behind the scenes, Greyston employs a hardworking team of porters and building superintendents who work tirelessly to keep our buildings clean and our tenants satisfied with their surroundings.


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