The Dude and the Zen Master

Arriving Jan 8

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 The Dude and the Zen Master

By Jeff Bridges & Bernie Glassman

For more than a decade, Academy Award–winning actor Jeff Bridges and world-renowned Roshi Bernie Glassman have been close friends. In The Dude and the Zen Master, they offer an intimate glimpse into the conversations between a student and his teacher, a shared philosophy of life and spirituality, and the everyday wisdom of Buddhism. Inspiring, insightful, and often hilarious, The Dude and the Zen Master captures a freewheeling dialogue about life, laughter, and the movies, from two men whose charm and bonhomie never fail to enlighten and entertain—and their remarkable humanism reminds us of the importance of doing good in a difficult world.

Pre-Order Now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or at your local Book Seller.

PR Schedule

Thursday, December 27



10 am ET

BY PHONE        – feature interview with Bernie only

30 minutes               Writer: Ms. Daryl Chen, 646-532-5002, [email protected]

*online culture and arts magazine. Will run 1/7.



First Week of January

Time date/time

BY PHONE                 USA TODAY – Life Section

20 minutes               Writer: Craig Wilson, feaures
Tuesday, January 8 – New York City

*Happy Publication Day!


5-7 min segment

Xx arrival                  NBC/ “Today”

8:00am hour            30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC

Interviewer: tk

*Jeff & Bernie interviewed together

LIVE                            NPR/”On Point”

10:50 am arrival      location: 160 Varick St, WNYC Studios

11:00 am start         Jeff and Bernie interviewed together

Noon finish               Host: Tom Ashbrook


12:30 pm start         WNYC/”Leonard Lopate” with guest host Julie Burstein

1:00 pm finish          Jeff & Bernie interviewed together

2:30 pm arrival        NPR/”Bullseye with Jesse Thorn”

2:40 pm start           11 W. 42nd St (19th floor) btwn 5th/6th Aves

3:30 pm finish          *Jeff & Bernie interviewed together

4:30pm tape             NBC/ “Late Night with Jimmy Fallon”

5:30 pm finish          30 Rockefeller Plaza, NYC

*Jeff only interviewed         

*Airs tonight


7:00pm start                        Barnes & Noble Union Square

9:00 pm finish          33 East 17th Street, NYC

*Jeff & Bernie interviewed together

Moderator: James Shaheen, EIC of Tricycle

7:05 pm – introduction by B&N manager

7:10 pm –moderated discussion for 30 minutes followed by 15 minutes of Q&A with audience

8:00 pm – Sign books only. No personalizations. No  memorabilia. No posed pictures.
Wednesday, January 9 – New York City


10:30 am arrival

11am air                   ABC/ “The View”

11:45 am finish       320 West 66th St, NYC

*Jeff & Bernie interviewed together


1:45 pm arrival        PBS-TV/”Charlie Rose”

*Airs January 10

TAPED5:45 pm arrival        Comedy Central/”The Daily Show with Jon Stewart”

Start 6- 6:15 pm      607 W 51st St (btwn 11/12th Aves)

*Jeff  only interviewed

*Airs tonight


Thursday, January 10- Los Angeles


6:15 pm                      NPR/ “Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me”

20 minutes                *Jeff only interviewed

5:45 pm arrival*

7:30 pm event          Los Angeles Public Library

9:30  pm finish         Aratani/Japan America Theater (800 capacity)

244 South San Pedro Street (between 2nd and 3rd Streets)
Los Angeles, CA 90012

*Jeff and Bernie interviewed together

Moderator: Rev. Danny Fisher (Buddhist chaplain)

*Breakdown of evening:

7:30 pm – 30 minute talk moderated by Rev. Fisher; 30 minutes of Q&A from audience

8:45 pm – Sign books


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  1. David Vielma

    Well, Mr. Bridges,what a pleasure to see you making the tours with the Zen Master. It is on point and just right to see you at this point in your career. Your music is popular, your just what we need right now with the Country disillusioned by the growing debt crisis and the “Fiscal Cliff” fabrication. I appreciate you and what you do.. “The Dude Abides”

  2. Hi Jeff,
    Annie here from Garfield, Texas. I just saw you last night on the Daily Show and have appreciated all you do for many many years. I just wanted to say, when I grow up I want to be just like YOU! I’m 47 so I hope my adulthood and clarity within that comes soon!
    Smiles, peace, much love and gratitude,
    A Melvin

  3. marvin sackin

    Mr. bridges,
    How can I get your book autographed for my oldest friend Ryan Schifrin? His birthday is coming up, and I know he will love your book as I do. Thank you sir.
    Peace, and Godspeed!
    Marvin Sackin

  4. Liz Haworth

    Dear Jeff,

    I just finished the book which I had checked from the library. I’m, for sure, going to buy the book for my library as I’m sure I’ll be needing some re-reading.

    I just suffered the sudden loss of my husband. We were married 37 years. Talk about adjustment! I was in a dark place but the book really put things in perspective.

    To quote the great Jackson Browne: “Sometimes there’s a reason you were alive that you’ll never know”.

    Keep up all the good.

    But that’s just my opinion.

    Liz H

  5. Phillipa Sequeira

    Dear Jeff ,
    It is so good to know that there are people placed on the ‘world stage’ such as you . We are so bombarded with superficial icons! Thankfully in amongst the awful fight for media coverage , we have people like you that have ….what I would call an eccentric form of sanity . You take responsibility for your destiny in this particular life that you have been given .
    Take care Mr Bridges , remain the coolest person on the planet !!

  6. linden frank

    Hi Jeff. Love your attitude. Just read the bio on Beau. You guys must have had a blast growing up. Bet your conversations regarding spirituality must really be something…him a Christian and you a Buddhist. Great stuff I imagine.

    Good to see that side of you.

  7. Stayed in Bozeman last night. Really nice area. Just wanted to say hey. Thanks Dude.

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