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I met the Dude on DVD sometime in the late 1990s. A few years later I met Jeff Bridges in Santa Barbara and we started hanging, as he likes to put it, often while smoking cigars. Jeff has done movies from an early age; less known, but almost as long-standing, is his commitment to ending world hunger. I was an aeronautical engineer and mathematician in my early years, but mostly I’ve taught Zen Buddhism, and that’s where we both met. Not just in meditation, which is what most people think of when they hear Zen, but the Zen of action, of living freely in the world without causing harm, of relieving our own suffering and the suffering of others.

We soon discovered that we would often be joined by another shadowy figure, somebody called the Dude. We both liked his way of putting things and it’s fun to learn from someone you can’t see. Only his words were so pithy they needed more expounding; hence, this book.

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Table of Contents

1. Sometimes You Eat the Bear, and Sometimes, Well, He Eats You
2. It’s Down There Somewhere, Let Me Take Another Look
3. Dude, You’re Being Very UnDude

4. Yeah, Well, Ya Know, That’s Just Like, uh, Your Opinion, Man
5. Phone’s Ringin’, Dude
6. New Sh** Has Come to Light

7. You Know, Dude, I Myself Dabbled in Pacifism at One Point. Not in ’Nam, Of Course.
8. You Mean Coitus?
9. What Makes a Man, Mr. Lebowski?
10. What Do You Do, Mr. Lebowski?
11. Nothing’s Fu**ed, Dude

12. Sorry, I Wasn’t Listening
13. Strikes and Gutters, Ups and Downs
14. Some Burgers, Some Beers, a Few Laughs. Our Fu**ing Troubles Are Over, Dude.
15. Say, Friend, Ya Got Any More of That Good Sarsaparilla?

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  1. Dearest Bernie,

    I was channel surfing last night and discovered you on Charlie Rose. My 63 years on earth has given me much suffering and a constant struggle to keep my sanity. According to my religion, I am a Kohane, both of my parents were matched from their parents and I am the first born. I dropped out of hebrew school because my schools playground was across the street and I wanted to play ball. I do not practice any religion as I believe my mind is my religion by doing for myself and others in a righteous and respectful manner. As a non technical clean energy advocate, I pursue many avenues of opportunity, working with the finest minds of engineers, visionaries and the like. What I need now is to cleanse my mind to focus on sharing my vision for our planets future and to keep the noise of climate change and fear out of my mind. Please let us meet. I live in Saddle River, NJ and am available at will. I want you to be my muse because together we can do important things for all. Sincerely, Sam…516 270 5910-cell anytime. PS it is inauguration day and its inspiration will hopefully put us on the right track, especially due to the defeat of the elites. We need a people-driven society more than ever…

  2. sam salamay

    Watched you on Charlie Rose last night. Where have you been? You are an amazing individual and I, we need your help. Our world is dying, both literally and spiritually. I have suffered from fear. I am signing up to meet with you in February. I will not smoke cigars…

  3. Jennifer Arnold

    I was just laying in bed in the middle of the night talking , about something that Bernie transmuted to me at the wonderful wonderful Newark Peace Conference a year or two ago – Bernie , you are imparting ! I am putting a quote from you on my fb page, so maybe soon , einstein like images of you with classic vibes may start appearing – like ” Dude, you are being un Dude ” – happy happy , Jen

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