Who Are the Zen Peacemakers?

Bernie, Maezumi Roshi (Greyston, NY 1981)

Like many Dharmic traditions, Zen Buddhism stresses the importance of lineage based on the one-on-one relationship and direct transmission and succession from teacher to student.  Successors of one teacher share commonalities and form  a community.  Bernie and the other successors of Taizan Maezumi Roshi, or Bernie’s “Dharma brothers and sisters” formed the White Plum Asanga, an Affinity Group of Zen Teachers within the Maezumi Roshi Lineage.

The 73-affiliate Zen Peacemakers Sangha includes communities started by successors of Bernie Glassman and also spiritual groups from other lineages and traditions who wanted  to find affinity in their commitment to social action.

The following list of affiliates has been sorted first by Country, then by State, then by City, then by ZPS Affiliate name.There are ZPS Affiliates in 5 Continents and 12 Countries.

There are 21 categories in the list of Affiliates by Socially Engaged Theme.

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