New Zen Peacemakers Sangha Affiliate: Zen Peacemakers Sangha, Würzburg Germany, led by Zen Lehrer Cornelius von Collande

David Loy

The Zen Peacemakers Sangha in Würzburg Germany is led by Zen Lehrer Cornelius von Collande. They are studying the Zen Peacemakers Precepts and doing Social Action in Refugee camps.

Dr. Cornelius v. Collande, was born in 1952, and has one adult daughter. His studies were in Philosophy, Psychology and Educational Theory in Freiburg (Germany), as well as Geology in Wurzburg (Germany) and Zaragoza (Spain). He has been involved in twenty years of international IT projects. Since 2000 he has worked in Psychotherapy (Gestalt), Mindfulness and Zen-training. He has a European Certificate of Psychotherapy (EAP) and is a teacher for „Mindfulness Bases Stress Reduction“ (MBSR). He is a Taiji teacher of “Taiji Chan school”.

He has been a Zen student since 1981 with Sekkei Harada Roshi. Since 1984 he has been doing Koan study with Willigis Jäger Kyoun Roshi. Since 2002 he did further Koan studies with “Sambo Kyodan” sect under Yamada Ryoun Roshi. He was appointed as Assistant Zen Teacher by Yamada Ryoun Roshi in 2006 and appointed as Zen teacher (Sensei) of the Zen school “Empty Cloud” by Willigis Jäger Kyoun Roshi in 2009. His first personal contacts with Zen Master Bernie Glassman were in the Auschwitz-Retreat 2011 and he is now attending the Auschwitz Bearing Witness retreats as a Spirit Holder.

He lives and works in the “Centre for Spiritual Ways – Benediktushof”

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  1. I am very happy to hear that Cornelius will attend Auschwitz-Bearing-Witness-Retreats as a new Dharma-Holder. I don’t see myself as specifically nationalist, but with regard to the Retreat in Auschwitz I am considering it as essential that dharma-holders from as different countries, cultures and spiritual backgrounds are represented and – I hope this is allowed to say – from Germany as well. – Once it had come to my mind that Germans perhaps would have to proove an extraordinary commitment and training to hold the different containers during the Retreat, and I felt helpless, frustrated and almost depressed about this thought. – But as I see now this might have been only a paranoid thought, arisen from a narrow perspective and dualistic mind. – So, congratulations to this choice!

  2. Martin Braun

    Dear Cornelius,
    well done! You dare. Good work you do. Großen Respekt. Your room mate 2011, Martin

  3. Hallo Cornelius,
    Ich war beim Strassenretreat in Nürnberg mit dabei. Bin auf der Suche nach einer Sangha. Bern( Barbara) ist mindestens 5Stunden von mir entfernt.
    Vielleicht ist vom Bodensee aus Würzburg sogar näher..
    Trefft ihr euch regelmäßig?
    Herzlichen Gruß
    Gabriele Kaupp

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