Launching Elder Fund for Bernie Glassman

On the streets, At Refugee Camp in Chiapas, Auschwitz Interfaith Ceremony, Riverdale NY 1982

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In honor of Bernie’s 75th Birthday and the work he has done, Zen Peacemakers has established an Elder Fund to sustain Bernie and Eve when Bernie can no longer maintain his schedule of retreats and workshops and the related income ends.

A leader among the first generation of American Zen teachers, Bernie Glassman served as abbot of various Zen centers, was the first President of the Soto Zen Buddhist Association of America, and has some 40 successors that teach in various countries around the world.

But he is mostly known for his fierce advocacy of Buddhism and social action. Named by Business Week Social Entrepreneur of the Year in 1993, he founded the Greyston Mandala of for-profits and non-profits to benefit homeless and low-income families and served, along with Ram Dass, as Spiritual Director of the Social Ventures Network.

He founded Zen Peacemakers, an international movement of Zen social activists working in many different areas of peacemaking, social and economic justice, end-of-life care and sustaining of the earth.

As he approaches his 76th year he continues to do street retreats and lead multifaith, multinational bearing witness retreats at places of searing trauma like Auschwitz and Rwanda.

Bernie doesn’t plan to retire. But he does tire.


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Peter Cunningham is preparing a digital book of photos of Bernie. If you would like to add a message for Bernie at the back of this book, please link here.

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