Enrollment Opened for Second Cohort for Bearing Witness Training Program

We are happy to announce that the Zen Peacemaker Order has opened the second cohort for the training program for those interested in training in Bearing Witness.

The program begins with a two-day workshop led by Jared Seide, the Director, Center for Council, on The Way of Council, on July 7-8, 2015  at Greyston in Yonkers, NY.

On July 9-10, 2015 there will be a two-day workshop, led by Jared Seide, on Deepening the Practice of Council.

This is followed by a two-day workshop (July 11-12, 2015) on the Three Tenets of the Zen Peacemaker Order (ZPO), i.e., Not-Knowing, Bearing Witness and Loving Actions led by Bernie Glassman.

In November 5-6, 2016, there will be the Bearing Witness Retreat at Auschwitz.  After the Retreat there will be a one-day workshop on Evaluation of the Retreat via the Three Tenets and how these Tenets can be integrated into our lives led by Bernie Glassman.

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Please visit the webpage describing the Auschwitz/Birkenau Retreat and read more about the details of that retreat.

This training is required for those wishing to become staff at ZPO Bearing Witness Retreats and for those that wish to create a Bearing Witness Retreat under the auspices of the Zen Peacemaker Order.

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