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My wife, Eve Marko, and I just visited with Ram Dass in Maui (June 2014). Being old friends we spend a few days with him each year. This year he introduced me to webcasts. He has a wonderful Ram Dass Channel of webcasts and I decided to add webcasts to our Zen Peacemakers Site. I have also added various videos that show different aspects of our Zen Peacemaker Work Enjoy!

Bernie Glassman and the Zen Peacemakers

Trailer - Instructions to the Cook. A Zen Master's Recipe for Living a Life that Matters

Rwanda Bearing Witness Retreat 2014


Greyston Mandala

Auschwitz Bearing Witness Retreat (1996) Trailer: Michael O'Keefe

Bernie and Mr. YooWho give Clown Dharma Talk at San Francisco Zen Center

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