Bernie’s 60 Year Journey in Zen

Bernie’s 60 Year Journey in Zen

On the streets, At Refugee Camp in Chiapas, Auschwitz Interfaith Ceremony, Riverdale NY 1982

Bernie and Eve just returned from leading a retreat at Felsentor, Switzerland where Bernie spoke on his 60 year journey in Zen. The talks have been posted here (href=”/?page_id=10055). Transcripts will be posted as they are completed.

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  1. Verena Reist

    Thank you so much for sharing the story of your journey through life and buddhism to what you represent and ARE now. So free and yet so present in all that you do. How nice of you to hand a tissue to the lady sitting next to you when she needed one. It reminded me of a revelation that I had when doing yoga. I was taught not to move, stay in the pose, even when you hurt badly. Then I practiced with a DVD by Rodney Yee and he said, if it does not feel good, adjust, wiggle. That made sense. You, Bernie – and Eve – make a lot of sense. Thank you for ever and everything.

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