UPDATE: 2016 Native American Bearing Witness Retreat CANCELED


UPDATE: 2016 Native American Bearing Witness Retreat CANCELED

Dear members, friends and supporters,

The Zen Peacemakers and our Lakota friends in South Dakota would like to thank all of you who supported the Native American Bearing Witness Retreat this year with your enthusiasm and patience.

As it stands, we did not receive enough registrations to cover the costs of the retreat and arrived at a point on our planning timeline it was no longer possible to continue. Today the Zen Peacemakers board of directors, with full hearts, concluded that it is necessary to cancel the retreat.

In our years of Bearing Witness we have learned to pay attention and respond to the unique needs of the moment. Last year that has resulted in the tremendously successful 2015 Native American Bearing Witness retreat. This year, the needs and fruition seem to have changed. We have also learned that things don’t end but change form and direction. This moment is such a moment, and we are excited and dedicated to see the form of the next unfolding in seventeen years of relationship with our Lakota allies, friends and elders.

If you are one of the many who have fully registered to the retreat, you have received an email regarding your money refund options. If you have not received it yet, please check your inbox, write Suzanne Webber, our retreat’s registrar, at suzanne[at]brooksbendfarm.com, or me at rami[at]zenpeacemakers.org, 347.210.9556

We are glad that many relationships and actions rose from last year’s retreat. We hope you continue and share them with our community. Thank you.

Rami Efal

ZP Operations Coordinator and Assistant to founder

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  1. Howard

    I’m truly sorry. . Last year was memorable. I put it in my calendar and accept blame for not registering earlier. I didn’t realize but perhaps should have that earlier registration was needed. My apologies to all who worked hard this year and last.

  2. Scott Lawrance

    Guess I heard about this too late!!! I would have been interested. If there is an email list of interested folk I would be happy to be kept in the loop. Among other things, i am a member of the Wilderness Guides Council and I will be happy to share information with that organization regarding future events.

    Blessings, Scott

    • Zen Peacemakers

      Dear Scott, thank you for writing. If you look to the right, at the side-bar of this page, you will see a place to sign up to the ZP mailing list. Announcements will be made there.

  3. Eriks kalvis

    I am sad to hear this news.I went to the website today to see about registering. The 2015 experience was one of the highlights of my summer. Lately I’ve been having dreams of it and decided I should go again. It’s hard for me to afford but I decided that I would .

  4. I am so sorry, I was just finalizing the dates, that I could really go and how to create the support for the Mala. Now I see it is cancelled. I understand it takes a lot of organization and you need the commitment earlier. Please, let me know if you put it on again. And I’ll be more proactive. Yes, it won’t end, just change direction and form.

  5. are there any Bearing Witness Retreats coming up or street retreats.
    I am so sorry I waited so long to register for Wounded Knee. My main interest is to learn more
    about bearing witness and invite your Peacemakers council to Virginia to help organize Bearing
    Witness to the plight of our African American population and the atrocities committed over the years.
    You may reach me at 757-477-0610
    Maury Cooke

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