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Please fill out one Registration Form for each person attending the retreat.

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Some rooms at Auschwitz are doubles. Priority is given to couples for the doubles. If you are attending the retreat as a couple, please list your roommate below and select "yes" on the couple's button. There are also triples and dorms (6-8 people to a dorm.) To assist us with making room assignments we ask your gender. If you have a desired roommate, please give us their name in the appropriate box . If you have special needs please list them in the comments box.

November 10 - November 14, 2014

Please fill out the form below. When you click on the "Submit Button" you will be forwarded back to the Auschwitz Retreat page.

For more information, please contact Ginni Stern: [email protected], or by Phone: 802-734-6223, Skype: ginnistern.

Housing is generally in dorm rooms. There are a few doubles and triples. Priority is given to couples for the doubles. If you are attending the retreat as a couple, please list your roommate below and select "yes" on the couple's button.

The fee includes all buses, food and accommodations at the Dialogue Center in Oświęcim (walking distance to both Auschwitz 1 and Birkenau). Plane fare and your stay in Krakow are not included in this registration fee. Upon on-line registration, you will receive a post-reg letter filled with information to assist you in preparing for the retreat. If you have any questions before registering contact [email protected]

Final Registration in Krakow

Final registration will take place in Krakow, in the Saski Hotel Lobby, Sunday night, November 9, 2014. At that time, you will receive your registration packets, including retreat schedule, your room assignment at the Center for Dialogue, list of names to read at Auschwitz site, name tags and other general information.

We are reserving a block of rooms at a group discount rate at the Saski Hotel. We recommend that you make your reservations at this hotel (please click on the "Hotel" Tab for directions on how to secure a reservation with the Peacemaker group discount.) The Krakow hotel cost is not included in the Retreat Fee. You can see other lodging options by clicking on the "Hotel" Tab.

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English is the primary language used during the Auschwitz Retreat. In order to assist staff in making small Council Groups as diverse as possible, please indicate your language abilities. Also, if you are willing/able to assist others with translations in which language?

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There are some doubles rooms. Priority is given to couples for the doubles. If you are attending the retreat as a couple, please list your roommate below and select "yes" on the couple's button.

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