Bernie’s Recovery Fund

September 2017

Dear Friends,

The great Chan teacher Yunmen said: Sickness and medicine are in accord with each other. The whole world is medicine. Who are you?

This famous koan comes to mind when we look at everything that’s happened since January 12, 2016, when Roshi Bernie suffered his major stroke. He collapsed in the middle of a digital conference with ZP leaders in different countries and awoke in a Springfield hospital room completely paralyzed in his right side, unable to walk or talk, and struggling to understand what happened to him.

Bernie exercising with Rae Cook, caregiver and local sangha member.

Today Bernie walks at home with a limp, but without a cane. He speaks clearly, if not voluminously. While still requiring a wheelchair on long jaunts outside, he goes up and down stairs. As we write this he is being interviewed in his back yard for a film on change-makers in Buddhism, and, of course, he plans to join the retreat at Auschwitz-Birkenau again this fall.

The whole world is medicine, but it finally depends on us: Who are you?

This past year and a half, you and many others created a world of medicine for Bernie after he had spent a lifetime doing this for others. You enabled him to obtain powerful therapies, like two series of treatments at the Taub Clinic in Alabama. The results show. Bernie can prepare certain meals and eat on his own, speaks clearly, if less than he used to (who’s complaining?), and one day, he warns us, he will drive again.

For now he has 16 hours of assistance every week for exercising the right side of his body as well as learning to perform more daily tasks. He requires more assistance from people in the ZPI office for office work and limited, but consistent, attendance when Eve’s away. He also needs special help whenever he travels, such as during the retreat in Poland this fall.

Bernie and Eve in a dharma schmooze evening with local sangha, September 2017

For this reason we are asking you one last time to help us meet these expenses. Recovery from stroke takes years and calls for arduous daily work, to which Bernie has given his heart and soul. All your support goes exclusively for the purpose of helping him get stronger and recover as much of his ability as possible.

Bernie still has the fierce desire to continue to teach and serve those people who wish to be medicine in this world. For this reason the board of ZPI decided to form a Bernie Glassman Legacy Fund whose purpose will be to support these efforts in Bernie’s post-recovery stage and beyond his lifetime. We aren’t there yet, but we have already come a long way, due to Bernie’s inspiration and hard work, and your solid support and encouragement over these past 19 months.

Thank you for all you have done and given, and asking you one more time to continue to support this hard-working man to bring more healing to this world.

All donations towards Bernie’s Recovery Fund (as well as all donations towards Bernie’s Recovery Fund in the past) have been and will be used solely towards his support and not towards any other Zen Peacemakers projects.

Zen Peacemakers, Inc. is a not-for-profit 501(c)3 for your US tax purposes.

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Thank you for your support and generosity.


Eve Marko

Zen Peacemakers International Board of Directors



Bernie and Mujo Baker, September 2017

Bernie, Tom Lesser and Krishna Das, Conway MA September 2017