ZPO Bearing Witness Training Program

The Zen Peacemaker Order has initiated a training program at Auschwitz for those interested in training in Bearing Witness. The first cadre of trainees are long-term members of the ZPO and have been on staff at the Auschwitz Retreat for many years. If you are interested in becoming a trainee in this program, please sign up for both the 2014 Auschwitz Retreat and the Council Training held on the Saturday before the Retreat.

To read about the Zen Peacemaker Order, link here.

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Plunging at Greyston

To “plunge” is to assume the responsibilities and daily challenges of a line-staffer by doing their job for a full day or shift. The objective is to come as close to experiencing an actual work day in the life of an employee. Working side by side and interacting with employees in another department, brings about appreciation and respect for the employees who permanently fill those roles and inspires team spirit
throughout the Mandala.
Plunging is a chance to bear witness to the hard work of individual employees who contribute to fulfilling Greyston’s mission in their own unique way. All plungers are encouraged to share feedback on their experience within a day or two of their plunge.
Plunges have been designed for each service-area of Greyston. Any employee or board member can sign up to have this experience through the PathMaking department .

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