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This is an exciting time to support Zen Peacemakers International! 

Dear Friends,

In a few weeks, we will launch our new website as well as a dedicated and carefully designed membership platform to support, inspire, train and mobilize our creative, global membership and affiliate network of social engagement based on the Three Tenets – Not Knowing, Bearing witness and Taking Action.


  • Our growing global membership and membership platform – up to now we have used the prevalent social media platforms to connect our membership. We listened to our members and developed a platform crafted for our unique purpose and interests, and offer special outreach packages to support our affiliates groups. It will launch this November 2017, and you are invited.
  • 2018 bearing witness programs with Native Americans – an innovative combination of service on Cheyenne River Sioux Tribe Reservation and a bearing witness plunge with the Lakota in South Dakota, Turtle Island (USA)
  • 2018 Auschwitz-Birkenau Bearing Witness Retreat – In today’s climate of intolerance and instability, our ground-breaking flagship annual event will return for the 23rd time to Auschwitz-Birkenau, to contemplate the extent of humanity’s shadow, our interconnectedness, and our capacity to respond.
  • The Zen Peacemakers Journal, providing weekly original material carefully curated by our staff, featuring stories of hands-on application of the Three-Tenets from our leaders and members around the world.
  • Support our Founder, Roshi Bernie Glassman, in entering a new chapter of recovery since his stroke in 2016. Bernie’s recovery has been remarkable thanks to many of you, and supporting Zen Peacemakers International allows us to provide him with the daily personal care and services he requires to get even better.
  • Expand and support our staff to support, contribute to, and accomplish all of the above and carry forward Zen Peacemakers’ 30-year legacy.


Continued Relationship with Lakota: Zen Peacemakers is committed to continue honoring, learning from, and supporting the indigenous peoples and the Native Americans on Turtle Island. Following the success of our 2015 and 2016 programs, Zen Peacemakers held two programs in 2017:

  • 2017 Week of Service: Thirty participants partnered with the local community and the non-profit Simply Smiles to renovate homes at the town of La Plant, including building a cistern to collect rainwater for irrigation. We also supported local youth with summer camp activities, art projects, a basketball tournament and offered community meals. Read more here.
  • 2017 Bearing Witness Plunge: Lakota Hosts Manny Iron Hawk, Rene Fasthorse Iron Hawk and Violet Catches led twenty-eight Zen Peacemakers in an intimate ‘rolling’ retreat through sacred sites like The Little Bighorn River and Bear Lodge.  There, peacemakers were told cherished traditional stories and listened to present-day experiences of Lakota life in the United States. Many of the participants had been to bearing witness retreats in Rwanda, Auschwitz and Bosnia, and weaving those experiences together with the narrative of the Native Americans resulted in a rich and powerful experience. Read more Here.

Support of our Members Around the World – Zen Peacemakers International is dedicated to supporting our members in carrying forward actions in the spirit of the Three Tenets, by providing guidance along the way and outreach through our global network. Among the actions were:

  • SARAJEVO, BOSNIA-HERZEGOVINA: BEARING WITNESS RETREAT in Bosnia-Herzegovina: Zen Peacemakers Members, led by Zen Peacemaker Order Founding Teachers in Europe, have successfully realized a bearing witness retreat in the Balkans, initiated by Zen Peacemakers International. Nearly 70 participants from all over Europe and the US attended.  Partnered with the Center for Peacebuilding, participants spent a week immersed in the lively culture and complex history of the Balkans, and the trauma of the 1992-95 Bosnian War. The organizers drew from their participation in, and long-time contributions to other Bearing Witness retreats to make this retreat the success it was. Read more here.
  • NEW YORK, USA: BEARING WITNESS RETREAT to Land Food and Race: For this retreat, Rev. Ariel Pliskin of Unity Tables and Roshi Paco Lugoviña partnered with Soul Fire Farm in New York State.  Twenty participants from different states in the USA, mostly people of color and non-gender conforming people, contemplated the relationship between American’s legacy of slavery and present-day inequity, and the intersection between this inequity and food production.  The retreat included ‘hands-on-the-land’ activities interwoven with meditation, council practice and bonding with the local community. Both Ariel and Paco drew inspiration from their long-time contributions as staff on the Auschwitz retreat, and consulted with ZP staff throughout the envisioning, execution and aftermath of the retreat. Read more here.
  • HELSINKI, FINLAND: STREET RETREAT: in September 2017 Zen Peacemakers members, led by Roshi Frank DeWaele, spent four days begging for food and money, sleeping where they could, and plunging into the rich history and present of this fascinating city using only the Three Tenets: Not Knowing, Bearing Witness, and Taking Action, as their guides.

“The whole Zen Peacemakers International community has been an extremely helpful and crucial resource as I was setting up this retreat. I had so much support through our online groups, emails and meetings. It really changed everything.“ Mikko Rakushin Ijäs, Member and First time retreat organizer. Read more here. 

There are many ways to donate:

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Thank you for your support of Zen Peacemakers in 2018.


Rami Efal, Executive Director

Zen Peacemakers, Inc. is a 501(c)3 non-profit religious organization.