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What if I have a question or suggestion to make to how things are done in the ZPO?

Proposals are taken up by the regional circle to discuss according to local needs and culture. You can find the Steward of these circles at this link. Circles are a governance process which allows strong horizontal participation in place of a single decision maker.

What if I don't want to formally take part of an organization, but am interested in ZPO events, workshops or actions? Must I be a member to participate?

Most ZPO trainings and all ZPO workshops are open to everyone, not only ZPO Members.


The question of a healthy relationship with a ZPO group, circle or study group. What that really can mean for someone like me, living far away from any ZPO group? Would it be ok to do a lot of study of the ZPO rule and share other stuff over Skype?

You can choose any ZPO Group to do the trainings you wish. It is up to the person doing the training whether that could be done by Skype or has to be done in person.

I sometimes have the impression of practicing a “spiritual helper syndrome” and danger of a burn out.

Do the best you can. No one will check on you.

Dharma Holder , Preceptor , Priest , Minister , Zen Teacher , etc. What are the differences between them in ZPO and how they serve by their functions?

ZPO does not replicate existing structures. There are no ZPO entitlements as such. Those who recieved entitlements in the Zen Peacemaker Lineage of Roshi Bernie Glassman are holders of the Zen Peacemakers tenets. ZPO is a peer-based community.