Head For Peace

CERAMlC HEADS created by Jeff Bridges were given to individuals who donated ten thousand, eight hundred dollars to the Zen Peacemakers. They did this sharing the intention to embody and promote peace around the world.

Jeff Bridges


l WAS lNTRODUCED TO THE ZEN PEACEMAKERS through its founder and Spiritual Director, Zen Master Bernie Glassman, in the year 2000. Since then, we’ve been smoking cigars, studying Zen and rapping on what’s the deal with the state of the earth and its environs, as well as working on ending hunger and promoting peace.


•     A box and pillow for the Head

•     A book honoring a generation of 18 Heads

•     A Head For Peace certificate

•     A signed photograph of the Head

•     A What’s The Deal Here document

•     A Why Zen Peacemakers document

MY lNTENTlON is for the Heads to promote peace in a continuing fashion.

YOU’RE ENCOURAGED to think of your Head as your ‘Peace Avatar’.  How can it best serve your intention to promote peace? You might display your Head in places where it can generate dialogue and conversation about its intended purpose. Some Head Keepers will include them in their travels and share peace in various parts of the world.

PERSONALLY, l’ve become very attached to these Heads and it’s been an interesting exercise for me to let them go. lt goes like this:  While l’m making a sculpture, bowl, plate or what have you – inevitably, there will be a small lump of unused clay that remains.  With it, l start to make a Head.  l get myself into a certain place – l invite a certain energy/mindset/discipline into the situation.  The energy is the energy of emptiness – total and unknown potentiality.  The mindset is one of openness – not knowing – loving what shows up.  The discipline is getting out of the way of what’s coming through – putting my goal-oriented ideas/thoughts aside.  What happens is a surprise.  Every time a Head is completed l look at it and think – ‘where did this come from?’ Some express anger, some joy, some weariness, innocence, sadness, nobility, pomposity, wisdom – some are masked, some sing.  l feel the heads are unisex – as much as they are Heads, they also represent aspects, moods, realms that we all live in and with.  All are part of the equation – each an ingredient for the banquette of peace.



Head Keeper: Bernie Glassman

Head Name: Charlie

Head Keeper: Lama Dawa Tarchin Phillips

Head Name: Stanley

Head Keeper: The Hixon Family

Head Name: Elvis

Head Keeper: Jade Netanya Ullmann

Head Name: Jamie Yamina-Shechinah, Wendye Ruth Romemu

Head Keeper: Grant Couch

Head Name: Jay

Head Keeper: Olivia Wilde

Head Name:

Head Keeper: Louise Pearson

Head Name: Tatsu

Head Keeper: Chris Panos

Head Name:

Head Keeper: Danny Goldberg

Head Name:

bonge's_headHead Keeper: Paul Bonge

Head Name: Bubbah Buddha Boudreau

greg's_headHead Keeper: Greg Jacobson

Head Name:

Head Keeper:

Head Name: