Listed below are the various pathways and requirments for practiace as a Zen Peacemaker. Currently, we have only defined the Senior Zen Peacemaker Path. As we define other Paths, we will post them here.

Senior Zen Peacemaker

Pathway to becoming a Senior in the Zen Peacemaker Order

 Upon becoming a Member, one initiates a path to becoming a Senior, which means adopting the ZPO Rule as a path of practice.

The requirements are:

  1. Enrollment and satisfactory completion in a study program on the ZPO Rule as offered by any of the ZPO Training Centers.
  2. Study and do the ZPO Core Practices. The Practices are:
  • Maintain a regular Zen Meditation practice with a group or privately.
  • Continued study and practice of the ZPO Rule.
  • A monthly Day of Reflection on the ZPO Rule with a group or privately.
  • Periodic practice of the Way of Council.
  • Monthly Social Action: volunteer service other than your job.
  • Maintain a regular Minute of Silence for Peace at Noon.
  • Attend a Bearing Witness Retreat at least once every three years.
  • Study and do the Gate of Sweet Nectar Liturgy at least once per month with a group or privately.

When you have fulfilled all of these requirements, you may apply to be a Senior Zen Peacemaker by filling out the Application for Becoming a Senior Zen Peacemaker and submitting it to your Regional Circle. When your application is approved by the Regional Circle, you will be notified and instructed to:

  1. Make a Zen Peacemaker rakusu using pamsula.
  2. Do the ZPO Senior Recognition Ceremony, during which you will receive your rakusu and ZPO pin.

Application to become a Senior in the ZPO

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