Listed below are various pathways and requirements for practice as a Zen Peacemaker. As we define other Paths, we will post them here.

Becoming a Member of the Zen Peacemaker Order

In order to become a member of the Zen Peacemaker Order you must first submit an application to become a candidate for membership, along with an annual fee. After Registering as a Candidate and paying the annual fee, please start the following ZPO core practices:

  • Zazen: Maintain a regular Zen meditation practice (at least twice a week for at least 30 minutes), either at home or with a group.
  • Maintain a regular Minute of Silence for Peace at Noon.
  • Attend a workshop on the three tenets with a ZPO authorized teacher.
  • Social Action: Please engage in volunteer social service other than your job at least monthly (see the ZPO Member Group Listings for possibilities of doing Social Action with one of those Group Members).
  • Liturgy: Please do the Gate of Sweet Nectar at least monthly, either at home or with a group.
  • Council: Please practice the Way of Council periodically
  • Sesshin: Please attend a Zen sesshin at least once every year.
  • Bearing Witness Retreats: Please attend a ZPO bearing witness retreat before becoming a member and then attend another at least once every three years.

Attend a ZPO Member Installation Ceremony (they will be announced.)

During the formation period, candidates will have to obtain all necessary trainings, in consultation with their respective mentors. We recognize that some candidates will have done more training in the past, but even these more experienced candidates should, in consultation with their mentors, deepen their study and practice in the following areas:

  • Study and practice of the ZPO Rule, with a ZPO Preceptor, ZPO Priest, ZPO Minister or ZPO Teacher.
  • Do at least one training with a certified trainer of the Way of Council.
  • Study the ZPO Gate of Sweet Nectar Liturgy with a ZPO teacher.

Once the candidate has taken these trainings and is doing the ZPO practices as listed above, an Installation Ceremony installing the candidate as a Member of the Order can be recommended by his/her mentor and scheduled.

Link here to see a list of ZPO trainings.

Application to be Installed as a Member in the ZPO

Becoming a Senior in the Zen Peacemaker Order

 Upon becoming a Member, one initiates a path to becoming a Senior, which means adopting the ZPO Rule as a path of practice.

The requirements are:

  1. Enrollment and satisfactory completion in a study program on the ZPO Rule as offered by any of the ZPO Training Centers.
  2. Continue the ZPO Core Practices. (See Above)
  3. Have attended at least two ZPO Bearing Witness retreats or one ZPO Bearing Witness retreat and one ZPO Street retreat.
  4. Have attended a workshop on the Gate of Sweet Nectar.

When you have completed the study of the ZPO Rule (as agreed by your ZPO Preceptor, ZPO Priest, ZPO Minister or ZPO Teacher, you may apply to be a Senior Zen Peacemaker by filling out the Application for Becoming a Senior Zen Peacemaker and submitting it to your Regional Circle. When your application is approved by the Regional Circle, you will be notified and instructed to:

  1. Make a Zen Peacemaker rakusu using pamsula.
  2. Do the ZPO Senior Recognition Ceremony, during which you will receive your rakusu and ZPO pin.

Link here to see a list of ZPO trainings.

Application to become a Senior in the ZPO

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