Rocky and Tootsie – Live!

When Eve and I got together over 15 years ago, I told her that I used to be a big fighter when I was a kid growing up in Brooklyn, so my friends called me Rocky. At that time Eve loved Tootsie Roll Pops and I began to call her Tootsie. When we were alone together we liked to talk as Rocky and Tootsie, especially when it related to the Dharma. In fact, we used to say that one day we’d take the show on the road. So finally, we did.


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  1. Dear Rocky and Tootsie, I so enjoyed listening in on your conversation today – it was very enlightening about this no know thing! Thank you very much for sharing it with me. I had on a big smile the whole time.


    • Eve-lynn Civerolo

      Thank you, for the clarity in such a fun way of reminding us of the first two tenets, really adorable.

  2. petriana monize

    i started my day listening to Rocky and Tootsie. I don’t know how the rest of the day will be.

    Laughing before sunrise,

  3. Bear, bark, bare, snoring dog. a good teaching about the 2nd tenet of a peacemaker!

  4. Verena Reist

    Thank you so much for the Rocky and Tootsie live show 🙂

  5. How sweet! How funny! How loving! How wise!

  6. I got it, it makes me happy to listen to your conversations,
    love you both!

  7. Hello Rocky and Tootsie

    I enjoyed the conversation very much. Hopefully there will be more coming.

    With a smile and thx from Kate

  8. Tina Jitsujo Gauthier


    • petriana monize

      Bernie and Eve,

      How udderly simple and hilarious!

      With gratitude,

  9. Joshua Morrell

    Thank you for your blog and order and all this well of life.

  10. Dear Rocky and Tootsie – this one about co-arising and donna carizo was hilarious!!! Mahalo!!!

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