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Ohad Ezrahi

Ohad Ezrahi is a Kabbalistic spiritual teacher from Israel, an artist, a community leader and a constant student of life’s wisdom. Coming from the world of Radical Kabbala and vast knowledge in Jewish inner wisdom, he reaches out to people of all nations with the search towards the co-creation of an enlightened society on Planet Earth. His way is a deep School of Love that opens the channels of relation with one-self, with the other, with nature and with the Divine Spirit. Rabbi Ezrahi was ordained by the elder of the Jewish Renewal movement – Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi as a Rabbi and a Spiritual Teacher. He was a scholar in residence at the University of Eugene in the Science, Gender and the Sacred research program. He is also the author/creator of many books and projects including Worlds of Doubt ( a commentary on Job about certainty and doubt); The Old Shall Be Renewed and the New Shall Be Sanctified (erotic aspects of the Hebraic Temple); Paths of Power (commentary on the Rabbi Nachman of Braslov story “The Master of Prayer”); The BresLove Cards (based on The Master of Prayer); Whose Afraid of Lilith (rectification of sexuality and fear in Lurianic Kabbalah); and In the Secrets of Leviathon (with Dr. Mich Ankori)/ The Psychology of Mythology in Jewish Thought. He is also the author of hundreds of articles in contemporary Kabbalistic thought (currently all in Hebrew).