Affiliate Bios: North America: USA: Pennsylvania

Sensei Barbara Craig

Barbara Craig, a sister of Mercy, began her study of zen in the early 90’s under the direction of Roshi Janet Jinne Richardson, Janet, along with Sensei Rosalie Jishin McQuaide, csjp., founded the Zen Community of Baltimore/Clare Sangha, and it was with this group that Barbara worked very closely. In 1997, as an apprenticing teacher, Barbara and Stephanie Olek, a Sister of Mercy, started a zen group in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Soon after, the group became known as the Flowing River Sangha. In June of 2002, Barbara was installed as a zen teacher (Sensei) with the Dharma name of Shoshin. She is Dharma Successor of Roshi Janet Jinne Richardson in the lineage of the White Plum Asanga.

Barbara’s life as a Sister of Mercy for over fifty years has included teaching Spanish, prison ministry, ministry among migrant farm workers, and involvement in various social outreach programs. Presently, along with the zen work, she continues as a peace and justice advocate in the local area and with the sisters of Mercy.

Sensei Anthony Hito Stultz

Founder and Director of the Blue Mountain Lotus Society, former director of the Cambridge Zen Group, and former leader of the Harvard Buddhist Fellowship, Sensei Stultz is also available for private counseling and direction.

He is the author of SoulQuest: Zen Lessons for the Journey of Life (2000), The Book of Common Meditation (2003), Free Your Mind: The Four Directions of an Awakened Life (2007), The Invisible Sun (2010), and Free Your Mind: The Precepts of an Awakened Life (2010). He is a contributing author to Lifecycles (2009), Engaged Buddhism in the West (2000) as well as Action Dharma (2003). He also oversees the Center for Mindfulness Counseling, integrating Eastern and Western counseling techniques.

  • Internationally recognized and published expert on the use of Mindfulness Counseling.
  • Recent presenter at the Socially Engaged Buddhism Symposium under the Zen Peacemakers Order
  • Two graduate degrees and is a Fellow of the American Psychotherapy Association.
  • Over two decades of leadership in Engaged Buddhism (community organizing, social issues, faith and politics).
  • Studied Buddhist Philosophy at Harvard and Oxford and received a Masters Degree in Theology from the prestigious Episcopal Divinity School.
  • Completed a clinical residency at Penn State Milton S. the Hershey Medical Center.
  • Two decades of counseling experience in hospitals, prisons, businesses, universities and private practice.
  • Ed.D from the Graduate Theological Foundation

Dharma Holder Edward Sangetsu Sullivan

Edward Sangetsu Sullivan was born in Hoboken, NJ. He learned to meditate in the 1970s by taking a course in Transcendental Meditation. While working as an economic planner in the mid-1970s, Ed began sitting with The Zen Study Society in Manhattan. In 1985, Ed married Judy Halden and completed his doctorate in economics at Penn State University; it was a very good year. Currently, he teaches at Lebanon Valley College, a small liberal arts college in Pennsylvania. About ten years ago, he had the good fortune of studying Zen under Roshi Janet Richardson and Sensei Rosalie McQuaide with the Zen Community of Baltimore/Clare Sangha. With their retirements, Ed continues his training under Sensei Bruce Seiryu Blackman. He was declared a Dharma Holder in 2007. In his adopted hometown of Lancaster, PA, Ed serves as a member the Red Rose Sangha. In keeping with the values of the ZPS, the Red Rose Sangha engages in a variety of community outreach programs including serving meals at a homeless shelter, sponsoring a weekly twelve-step mindfulness-based recovery program, and offering on-going meditation programs to students, staff, and faculty at a local college and university.

Sensei Jules Shuzen Harris

Jules Shuzen Harris Sensei received Shiho from Enkyo Roshi at the Wisdom House in Litchfield,Connecticut and became her second dharma successor. Shuzen is Resident Teacher of Soji Zen Center, a member of the Zen Peacemakers Sangha ( and part of a study group at the Maezumi Institute co-directed by Bernie Tetsugen Glassman Roshi and Pat Enkyo O’Hara Roshi.

Shuzen is a Soto priest who has been practicing Buddhism for more than 25 years. He is the founder of Soji Zen Center located in Lansdowne, PA. In August 2006, Shuzen received hoshi from Enkyo Roshi at the Grail. In May 2002, Shuzen an assistant teacher at Kanzeon Zen Center, Salt Lake City, UT received denkai (transmission of the precepts) from Genpo Roshi, Abbott of Kanzeon Zen Center.

Jules Shuzen Harris holds an Ed.D. with a concentration in applied human development. As a psychotherapist, Shuzen has found creative ways to synthesize Western psychology and Zen to achieve dramatic results with his patients. He also focuses on the relationship between Zen and the martial arts. He holds black belts in Iaido (the art of drawing and cutting with a samurai sword) and in Kendo (Japanese fencing). Shuzen founded two Japanese swordsmanship schools in Albany, NY and Salt Lake City, UT.