ZPO Training Center Membership Application

The requirements for Training Center Membership in the Zen Peacemaker Order are:

  1. Undertake The Three Tenets as a core practice.
  2. Encourage Social Action by individual Members of the group.
  3. Offer at least one training (now or soon) in The Core Practices open to any ZPO member.
  4. Honor the ZPO Grievance Procedure unless the Group has its own Procedure.
  5. Honor the ZPO Code of Ethical Conduct unless the Group has its own Procedure.
  6. List ZPO Training Center on the Group’s website and provide a link to the ZPO website.
  7. Disseminate information on the ZPO to the group’s  members.
  8. Be listed on the ZPO website list of its Training Center groups.
  9. Submit a completed ZPO Training Center Membership Application. (See below.)

The ZPO is asking every Individual ZPO Member to take trainings from the ZPO Training Centers. These trainings are listed on the ZPO Member Training Center webpage with the Groups contact information that are offering the various trainings.

There is no fee to be a ZPO Training Center Group.

Application Form