ZPO Mission, Vision, Core Values and Core Practices

The Three Treasures, The Three Tenets, The Ten Practices and The Four Commitments serve as the foundation for the Zen Peacemaker Order’s work and practice. They underlie our commitment to broad-based inclusivity, service, multi-faith celebrations and communion, and to a lifelong peacemaking path that integrates work, training and practice.

The Vision of the Zen Peacemaker Order

We envision a world in which each person and society as a whole awaken to the interdependence of life, where all beings live in harmony, everything is included, life is sustainable, and suffering from violence and ignorance is extinguished.

The Mission of the Zen Peacemaker Order

Our mission is to create a community of peacemakers enacting a vision of peace through the practice of meditation, the Rule of the Zen Peacemaker Order and social action, and to nurture an environment for the realization and actualization of peacemaking as a path of awakening. We seek to connect, train and support Zen Peacemakers throughout the world.

The Core Values of the Zen Peacemaker Order

Our core values are:

  • The Three Tenets of the Zen Peacemakers:
    • Not-Knowing by giving up fixed ideas about ourselves and the universe.
    • Bearing Witness to the joy and suffering of the world.
    • Taking Action that arises from Not-Knowing and Bearinig Witness.
  • Minimizing suffering to ourselves and others.
  • Broad-based inclusivity of all things.
  • Renewal, creativity and experimentation.
  • Inquiry into skillful means.
  • Peer governance.

The Core Practices of the Zen Peacemaker Order

Our core practices are:

  • Our core practices are:

    • Maintain a regular Zen Meditation practice (at least twice a week for at least 30 minutes) with a group or privately.
    • Attend a Meditation Retreat at least once per year.
    • Continued study and practice of the ZPO Rule with a ZPO Rule Teacher (ZPO Rule Teachers can be any ZPO Preceptor, ZPO Priest or ZPO Teacher.)
    • A monthly Day of Reflection on the ZPO Rule with a group or privately. If doing it with a group, use their version of the Day of Reflection.
    • Periodic practice of the Way of Council.
    • Monthly Social Action: volunteer service other than your job. (See the ZPO Member Group Listings for possibilities of doing Social Action with one of those Group Members.)
    • Maintain a regular Minute of Silence for Peace at Noon.
    • Attend a ZPO Bearing Witness Retreat at least once every three years.
    • Study the ZPO Gate of Sweet Nectar Liturgy and do the Gate of Sweet Nectar Liturgy at least once per month with a group or privately.

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