Maezumi Roshi, Bernie Glassman and Allen Ginsberg

Allen Ginsberg passed away thirteen years ago this week on April 5, 1997.  I remember when he shared a poem in typical Ginsberg style at the opening of the first Greyston housing unit.  As a long-time Buddhist activist, he supported our work in Greyston.  I remember several years later.  I was working at Greyston and I was away from the office.  Allen called and left a message, saying that although his doctors had said he had 3 months to live, he felt he was going faster than that.  He started calling his friends to ask if there was anything he could do for them.  After returning, about 3 hours after the phone call, he had already slipped into a coma.  He passed away shortly after.  He also wrote a letter to President Clinton, letting him know that if he wanted to give him any awards or honors, he better do it soon.

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