The Symposium for Western Socially Engaged Buddhism will now include three monks who were major leaders of the Saffron Revolution, and who have cameo’s in the excellent Burma VJ (below), who now live in Utica, NY. These are mature monks with remarkable experience to share. They are working with Symposium presenter Alan Senauke and the Clear View Project. Senauke discusses the role of social media in the Saffron Revolution in the Bearing Witness article Translating Cybersangha into Action at the Zen Peacemakers.  The Clear View Project has lead many Western Buddhists to support the Burmese monks in solidarity.

While the primary focus of the Symposium is on Western Buddhism, there are a two special “spotlights” that go beyond this focus. The other spotlight is Rabbi Michael Lerner, who will speak about an interfaith effort for a Environmental and Social Responsibility Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

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