Introducing the panel on the challenges of Socially Engaged Buddhsim, Bernie explained that when he first organized the Symposium, he wanted to honor the pioneers, give them chance to get together, see each other, share and network.  It would be a chance to learn new things and serve as sort of job and volunteer fair. The focus is on taking action and doing something!  After the Symposium, we will look at what new things may come of this event.  By the end of the Symposium, we will be explore putting together a declaration, a set of affirmations that reflect that.

During the Symposium, Ari Setsudo Pliskin and Steve Kanji Ruhl will review salient points of the event during Thus Have We Heard sessions every day and Bernie will lead a session reflecting on What’s the Deal Here?  (A great Koan, he joked, introduced by Lenny Bruce.)  In this way, we will be looking for major developments.

photos by Clemens M. Breitschaft

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