Deerfield Academy’s boys lacrosse team helping set the garden fence posts.

On Earth Day April 2010, we broke ground on a 1/4 acre garden at the Montague Farm. Now in September we are harvesting and serving organic vegetables every week to 60-70 people at our Montague Farm cafe free community meals.

This garden was created by many people: Karen Idoine, Ike Eichenlaub, Laurie Smith, Tim Raines, Doug Donnell, Janice Frey, Bonnie Bloom, Dan Smith, Charlie Kerrigan, Henry Marshall, Kanji Ruhl, and the Greenfield Farmers Co-operative Exchange. The fabulous Big Brothers/Big Sisters crew (Ashley, Brooke, and Rachel) and the Deerfield Academy lacrosse team and their coach Jan Flaska have been instrumental. Rosalind Jiko McIntosh has coordinated nurturing of the garden since June.

Cucumbers, zucchini, basil, cilantro and carrots being harvested right now. Volunteers to maintain the garden and process the harvest are very welcome.

A plot of grass transformed into the Montague Farm Zen House garden

Tim Raines on the first round with the rototiller in April.
After the Deerfield Academy lacrosse team helped dig a fence trench and set the poles.
Karen Idoine and the chicken wire fence in mid May.
At last, early plantings in June!

Abundant Crops
Abundance in August!

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