This article is part of a series of articles written about a Holy Week 2011 Street Retreat, which took place in New York City. This retreat commemorated the 20th Anniversary of the first Zen Peacemakers street retreat, also in New York.  Zen Master Bernie Glassman invited several longtime students and companions to the retreat to become recognized as Senseis and Dharma Holders. Read bios and reflections of retreat participants. Read explanation of ceremony by Bernie Glassman. See more retreat pictures by Peter Cunningham.

I wouldn’t miss one single moment of the New York City  Street Retreat with old and new friends.  Each moment was a peak experience filled with intensity and complete vigilance even while asleep!

The infinite Circle embraces all.  Seeing the integrity of all energies and spheres, their interlocking working, no need to put one in front of other, they are a mandala, Indra¹s net – one in all and all in one.

Appreciatory Verse to Bernie:

I met a guy walking the same way, but he was so much more advanced than me.  While we walked sometimes together, I appreciated more and more the crystal brisk air and distant goal as well as Bernie’s clear and simple language, practical tools and steps.  Such simple joy, and an astonishing way to let go and move on ­and off the side walk when necessary.  Thank you, Roshi Bernie.

Sensei Andrezej

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