Journeys to the Field, September 20-26, 2012

Journeys to the Field, September 20-26, 2012

                                                                       Journeys to the Field

Experience what Bernie Glassman is doing around the world to wage peace and build hope. Join him and an intimate group (at most 5) of supporters in making children laugh, feeding the hungry, promoting love not hate and bringing peace instead of war. Participate in this unique way of studying with Bernie while providing service to those in need.


September 20-26, 2012

“Humanity’s darkest side is extraordinarily fresh in the raw memories of Rwanda’s survivors – and killers.  It is incredible that they can all live together.  Their path of forgiveness and reconciliation demonstrates humanity’s hope.”

quote by Grant Couch, participant of Bearing Witness Retreat in Rwanda



The Rwanda Genocide was one of worst genocides to occur in the 20th century. Taking place in 1994, hundreds of thousands of Tutsis (a Rwandan ethnic class) were killed in the small African country of Rwanda. We will bear witness to the horror and tragic impact of the Rwandan Genocide as well as the current state of healing and reconciliation efforts in Rwanda. Grounded in our Three Peacemaker Tenets – not knowing, bearing witness and loving action – we will offer means for bearing witness to the realities and aftermath of genocide in ways that lead to healing, reconciliation, community-building and ultimately genocide and violence prevention.

Bernie and the group will be hosted by Dora Urujeni  and Issa Higiro and will in turn assist in their projects in Rwanda which include Memos: Learning From History.



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