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“This training has changed a lot of things in my life and I know it will change others who are in my life.  I think these changes will lead to greater peace.”

“Council brings a great methodology that gives participants permission to be really there and bring up what is alive inside himself or herself naturally and without forcing emotions.”

“Through studying Council these days, I have learned important things about conflict exploration, healing, working with trauma and so much more.”

“This training has helped me find my own peace so that I can be better at helping my community find peace.”

“If we can stay together, work together like this, our efforts will change our country and the world – but only if we stay connected!  This light that the trainers have lit will continue to light flames for many other through our work together.”

“The foundation of peace is in our hearts and this training emphasized how to go more deeply to that place.”

“I think Council is about caring for ourselves, helping us heal wounds of the heart and bringing parts of ourselves to share with our groups and our communities.”

“This training helped me personally and has also shown me new ways to do my work with my community.  It has taught me to take care of myself, first, and understand where to start in restoring peace for my family, my country and the world.”

“This Council training feels to me like visiting a doctor who really understands his patient and has a deep knowledge of how to help the patient heal.”

“I have already transformed, the change is already in me.  And now I feel responsible to help other people to understand this process of council.  This training has helped me rebuild and restore trust in myself that I think I had lost.”

“I feel this training has helped me know myself better, understand my heart and help me understand others better – and how change happens.  This training has left me with a capacity I can use to help others bring out their own deeper self.”

“Council teaches ‘peace from the heart’ and points to a way that people can live together in a more unified and loving society.

“I feel that this training has helped me understand myself and the way I can heal and to have better way to help others with their own healing.”

“I value this training very much because it helps those who live with problems to bring them out and share with others, which at times sparks loving actions or new life.”

“I understand the real value of a candle now.”

“This was a very profound, effective, deep and clear training in the powerful work of council.  I have grown courage to work hard to feel peace in my heart, whether I have stress or not, and to bring peace work to my region.”

“I very much want to see us meet again for advanced training to increase our skills and build our capacity to do this work in the world.”

“The trainers had a great understanding and taught the techniques and theory very well, as well as being able to see and follow-up with every individual in the training so that they could understand from their perspective and have an idea about where they were going.”

“Council helps restore peace to our hearts.  It’s a tremendous model.”

“I hope this is not going to stop here.  We must continue coming together in council.”



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