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Dear Malgosia, my dearest friend and Teacher.

You are my continuous  inspiration . Thank you that you showed me how to combine spiritual practice with being an artist, open to every moment of creation, every person , every being.

I remember our long conversations about life, walking in different corners of the world, my first retreat in Auschwitz in 1999 when I met you for the first time,and our dance during a shabat dinner ,my Jukai in Sosnowka (thank you for the dharma name that you gave me) and our  clowning together at the Ameland retreat. I remember the death of Pope John Paul II, together we prayed for him on the street of Warsaw, meeting in Belgium, your presence with Andrzej at my performance was very important for me … Thank you for your love and smile ..

One of my dream was to be with you on the same stage, tonight its possible .. my Benvenuto Cellini performance will be my  prayer for you …join me in my dance…

Have a dancy and clowny journey home.

I love You.

With a gratitude and peace.

Your Damian – The jewel of the perfect compassion

Sending my love,

Damian Dudkiewicz





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