(photo: The Armenian Genocide memorial complex on the hill of Tsitsernakaberd in Yerevan, Armenia)


Dear extended Zen PeaceMaker family,

On Friday, April 24th, 2015 we mark the Official Centennial Memorial of The Armenian Genocide where 1,500,000 Armenians, Greeks, Assyrians, Syrians and Chaldeans perished on the command of the Ottoman Young Turk regime.

We recognize the wound that has never been able to heal from the continual evasion of responsibility and denial of the contemporary Turkish government. We also see that denial as an expression of Turkish suffering around this history. We sit allowing ourselves to be fully present to these sufferings, Bearing Witness to the pain and resentment that racism and hatred has built over the last century and offer our open hearts and minds even to those temporarily caught in the grasps of that hatred.

We witness in ourselves our own murmurs of violence in our everyday occurrences that are the seeds of Genocidal intent. We say prayers for those hundreds of thousands of victims so senselessly murdered and for the perpetrators lost in delusion of their separation and hatred.

We recognize that the term “Genocide” was created by Raphael Lemkin in specific reference to the horrific mass killings of the Armenians and so is properly applied retroactively.  And we also recognize the overwhelming majority of international scholars also agree.

So we pray for a resolution and political shift to allow a healing to finally begin for both. We have witnessed the huge Turkish outpouring of sympathy after the assassination of newspaper editor Hrant Dink and so we are perhaps seeing the beginnings of that possible shift already. And, in our lifetimes, we have seen the fall of the Berlin Wall and the dismantling of Apartheid, so we do not loose our steadfast resolve that this too could come to pass in our lifetimes.

Eric Manigian

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  1. Dear Friend

    I practise Zen for thirty years.
    I practised Paris- the International Zen Association.The AZI was founded by Master Taisen Deshimaru.
    And Thailand Temple of Wat Ram Poeng

    The subject of Genocide id not right.
    Ermenian were living Anatolia but They collabreted with Russian troops and attackked civil Turkishpeople. Killed 200.000
    Turkish people.
    They have arranged armies, some of city of Anatolia have invade by Ermenian army.Invasion ended a few month later
    And Turks killed brutal ways, pregnant Turk women too..
    What Turks can do? Watch this situation ??
    We did response we sent Ermenian to Syria and other cities.. Turks killed only gang guerillas. Ermanian attacked to kill Turkish king. In your country is free killing Prime Minister?? killing innocent people is not right.. Created genocide myth. Poepe in Rome support this idea for Christian solidarity.

    Ermanian suported different countries to isolate muslim Turks.
    Now Thet lie, Thet create a myth not reality.

  2. Thank you Eric, for so beautifully expressing what it means to bear witness to the suffering of separation and genocide.

  3. …….yes…..echos of my sentiments…..especially today. We must rededicate ourselves to providing whatever assistance we can muster……to the wounded victims. The miasma is allowed to continue when we do not validate the woundedness, assisting those still in pain to begin a healing process which only they can dictate and direct. We are but acolytes. No one has the right to deny this validation….and by withholding it….we only perpetuate the collective pain in our collaborative world. An Armenian’s pain…..is my pain.

  4. Dearest Eric,

    I am happy to read your brilliantly written essay on the Armenian Genocide.
    I am happy that the German government, the intellectuals and socially engaged people have helped to bring this tragedy on the tables, into the mass Media, raising our conscience.

    I feel proud to be allowed to get to know you and to be your friend.
    Yes: May recovery happen and extend, may the darkness of ignorance, denial and self- centeredness be enlightened, may this European wound be fully acknowledged, Which will be the condition of healing.

    For you and your small and big family all the best!

    Lots of Love,
    Monika JiOn

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