The Zen Peacemaker Order is happy to announce that the Order of Disorder (OD) is being reinvigorated by Mr. Yoowho (Moshe Cohen), Nocando (Michel Dobbs), KuKu Sama (Peter Cunningham) and BoobySattva (Bernie Glassman.)

Also, ON THE OCCASION OF OUR NATIONAL HOLIDAY APRIL 1, 2015, THE HOLY DAY OF FOOLS, the Order of Disorder is Calling all clowns, fools, tricksters, and fun and funny-loving peoples to gather the weekend of October 23-25th at Village Zendo in New York City for the first OD Sesshin.

Rejoice in ABSURDITY and celebrate THE CRACKS in our cracked lives. Remember laughter? Remember joy? Remember THE PASSWORD to all the websites you use? Now, more than ever, the world can use an injection of lightness and laughter. THE WEEKEND will be full of emptiness. It will include OD meditation led by NoCanDo, and humor training by YooWho. Please, don’t keep it secret.

Speak up. Tell everyone. SCREAM IT in the streets! Write it on the walls! Invite your friends, your family, your enemies, and that fool that lives down the hall. And tell us too. (mark yes for attending the event on the application form below.)

Since, on its’ first incarnation, no list of members was kept, we are asking you to fill out this application if you so desire to be on the OD official list.

For those who prefer a little order: We are initiating an OD renewal movement. In it’s previous incarnation ( OD took itself so seriously that it refused to write down the names of it’s members. We will now attempt to abandon this perhaps overly fundamentalist concept of disorder and request that those of you who think you are part of this group (or would like to be part of it) go to the effort of sending us your contact information. Include what you imagine as your OD name (remember that nobody remembers and that names are fluid, they change all the time.)

Going forward we would like create ways to communicate ideas and to gather in person on occasional occasions. We are holding an Order of Disorder event at The Village Zendo October 23-25, 2015. This will be the first “organized” event in the history of OD. Yes it does seem like a contradiction. As you already know, there is no mailing list.

We are counting on you to pass this along to others who you remember as members or who might like to join up.

Love and kisses from ThE GanG of ThReE Mr. Yoowho (Moshe Cohen) Nocando (Michel Dobbs) KuKu (Peter Cunningham) as well as (unauthorized) The Wizard of Od, BoobySattvah Bernie


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  1. I have put out a Shoutout to West Coast Fools to disorganize a non-group to crash the October Party.

    Thanks for lightening my day, Bernie. (Did I ever tell you that all fears about attending the retreat at Auschwitz-Birkenau were laid to rest when I learned that you sometimes appeared as BoobySattva?)

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