“What we would like you to do is to pray. Come and pray with the Lakota. Come and pray with us, for the Lakota, for ourselves, for us, and for this earth.”

– Lakota Elder and Bearing Witness Retreat Spirit Holder

In this rare event the Lakota Elders have invited all those who wish to come and bear witness at the sacred Black Hills to the present day expressions of the genocide and suffering of the Native Americans in the United States of America.

We are entering the last month of preparation to the Zen Peacemaker Order Bearing Witness Retreat in the Black Hills, South Dakota USA. August 10-14 2015

LISTEN to a radio interview Lakota Leader Tuffy Sierra and Zen Peacemaker Order Spirit Holder Roshi Genro Gauntt.

READ Roshi Eve Myonen Marko reflection on the vision of the retreat.

WATCH Aaron Huey’s TED talk on America’s Native Prisoners of War.

REGISTER here and get detailed information about the retreat.

For questions please call 347.210.9556 or email info@zenpeacemakers.org

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  1. I will be supporting your gathering from a space on top of a mountain in New Mexico. I will be attending the annual Gathering of Circles event there this August. Thank you for holding these important events for all people!

  2. I will pray and meditate with you all wherever I am. Though I would be there with you if it were possible, I will be there in spirit, regardless.

  3. Would love to be there but since I can not I will be there in spirit. Thank you for the invitation. I pray for a successful and fruitful gathering.

  4. I feel compelled to attend ,can you send me info at my e-mail, or to (323) 915-7833, i would try to call you in the # that appear in your page

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