2017 ZPO EUROPE Bearing Witness Retreat in Bosnia-Herzegovina

2017 ZPO EUROPE Bearing Witness Retreat in Bosnia-Herzegovina

BOSNIA & HERZEGOVINA. It has been more than two decades since former Yugoslavia fell apart. The brutal conflicts that followed its dissolution are over, but the legacy of the tragedy continues to unsettle the region.
Often described as Europe’s deadliest conflict since World War II, the Yugoslav Wars have become infamous for the war crimes involved, including ethnic cleansing, crimes against humanity.

Zen Peacemakers has initiated development of a unique Bearing Witness retreat there to address the complexity of relationships between the peoples of the region, as well as to locate it in the present day refugee crisis the sweeps across Europe. First slated for 2016, it became evident that more study was required to produce an appropriate response. Zen Peacemaker Order Europe, subset of Zen Peacemaker Order, has continued to develop this retreat to fruition along with the Center for Peacebuilding in Sanski Most, Bosnia-Herzegovina.

We are happy to announce that the planning is now complete and registration to the 2-17 Bosnia-Herzegovina Bearing Witness Retreat is now open. We are happy to support this effort and to view it in the larger scope of Bearing Witness work and legacy that the Zen Peacemakers have established as one way of responding to today’s global needs.

Please join the Zen Peacemaker Order Europe this May in Bosnia-Herzegovina.

The retreat is organized by ZPO Europe and managed by Zen Peacemakers Lowlands.




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