Fellowship in Prayer’s Sacred Journey Grant- Sponsoring ZPI’s Mission for Global Peace Building

Fellowship in Prayer's Sacred Journey Grant- Sponsoring ZPI's Mission for Global Peace Building

On behalf of Zen Peacemakers Board of Directors and the Zen Peacemakers community, we would like to thank Fellowship in Prayer for their generous support over the past three years. Our organization was humbled and grateful to receive $2000 from the FiP nonprofit starting in 2017. It has been our pleasure to reapply and be granted support once again from the 2019 Sacred Journey Grant, this year of $5000. This has been the second grant that FiP has given ZPI since 2018.

FiP’s growing gift is a testament to the alignment of out missions and visions as well as our sponsor’s acknowledgement of the efforts behind our ZPI community to bring international peace-building throughout the world. FiP’s objective is to empower individuals and groups to explore the rich variety of spiritual resources and practices through the world’s religions and spiritual traditions. In this, they have continued to sponsor the initiatives behind Zen Peacemakers International in also supporting, inspiring, training and mobilizing a world-wide movement of members and affiliates conducting humanitarian social and civic action based on the ZPI Three Tenets: Not Knowing, Bearing Witness and Taking Action.

Fellowship in Prayer, beginning in 1949 by founders Carl Allison Evans and Kathryn G. Brown, came about as a response to the global unrest seen throughout the world at that time. In witnessing the end of WWII, Hiroshima, & Nagasaki, they believed there was a deep need for a spiritual renaissance in effort to bring about a vision of a “world united in prayer.” They saw grassroots education as the medium to increase awareness in this initiative.

Beginning with a small monthly newsletter, over the years, Fellowship in Prayer evolved into a quarterly publication- Sacred Journey: The Journal of Fellowship In Prayer. 2013 was the last publication of Sacred Journey as the Fellowship in Prayer reorganized itself as a grant-making foundation.

Today, Fellowship in Prayer is a non-profit private operating organization 501(c)(3) that financially supports multi-faith prayer and meditation in response to world crises, encouraging programs that facilitate prayer, meditation, community service; as well as promote interfaith dialogue toward initiatives of global peace.

encourages and supports
a spiritual orientation to life,

promotes the practice
of prayer, meditation,
and service to others,

and helps bring about
a deeper spirit of unity
among humankind.


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