Zen Peacemaker Affiliate
Annual Update



Thank you for considering becoming an affiliate of Zen Peacemakers (ZP). Our strategic partnership is designed to integrate affiliate leaders into a collaborative network, amplifying our shared commitment to the Three Tenets: Not Knowing, Bearing Witness, and Taking Action.

Why Become a Zen Peacemakers Affiliate?

  • Collaborative Network: Join a dynamic and innovative network that fosters connectivity among members and affiliates globally.
  • Supportive Partnership: Receive ongoing support tailored to your group’s mission and members.
  • Global Perspective: Enhance your group’s interconnection, creativity, and impact through affiliation with ZP.

Long-Term Benefits

  • Increased Visibility: ZP will highlight your programming, enhancing engagement.
  • Networking Opportunities: Gain exposure, resources, and connections through the ZP network.
  • Amplified Messaging: Your initiatives will be promoted in alignment with the Three Tenets.

Interactive Platform

  • Member and Event Map: Affiliates and their events will be showcased on ZP’s interactive map, increasing visibility to a global audience. See the Taking Action Map.

Affiliate Benefits

As a ZP Affiliate, you will:

  • Dedicated Online Space: Access a dedicated room on the ZP member platform.
  • Event Posting: Post events visible to the entire ZP global membership.
  • Global Reach: Connect with ZP members worldwide.
  • Membership Growth: Attract new members, expand your following, and boost event participation.

Note: ZP respects each affiliate’s autonomy and does not interfere with governance or finances.

Affiliate Opportunities

  • Direct Communication: Send messages directly to your group via the member platform.
  • Global Invitations: Invite ZP network members to join your affiliate.
  • Leadership Meetings: Participate in online meetings with global affiliate leaders.
  • Event Sharing: Share and create events open to all ZP members and the public.
  • Publishing: Contribute to the Zen Peacemakers’ Journal by publishing articles and reports.

Mutual Commitment Agreement

Zen Peacemakers’ Commitment

  • Networking: Facilitate connections among Affiliates via the member platform.
  • Annual Conference: Host a yearly video conference to enhance affiliate support.
  • Resource Access: Provide resources and guidance for developing networking, programming, training, and retreats.
  • Promotion: Feature affiliates in the Journal, newsletter, and on social media.
  • Event Highlighting: Include affiliate events in the newsletter.

Affiliate’s Commitment

  • Supportive Relationship: Maintain a collaborative relationship with ZP and its representatives.
  • Community Engagement: Share news, contemplative practices, and community engagement with the ZP Community.
  • Journal Contribution: Provide at least one journal article annually for publication.
  • Meeting Participation: Attend the yearly scheduled affiliate meeting with ZP Staff.
  • Event Participation: Be a guest in the yearly Peacemaker Circle Zoom meeting.
  • Independence: Maintain fiscal and governance independence from ZP.
  • Affiliate Identification: Use language that conveys the spirit of the Zen Peacemakers’ Three Tenets and acknowledges affiliation, without using “Zen Peacemakers” in the organization’s name.
  • Website Integration: Display the ZP Logo and provide a link to www.zenpeacemakers.org on your website.

Thank you for review the Affiliate Agreement. Please fill out the below form so we can update your information and improve our ability to support your organization.