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Holy Land Trust
To foster peace, justice, understanding, healing and transformation to all peoples in the Holy Land.
Tell us a bit about how your group was concieved
Holy Land Trust was founded In 1998 by Sami Awad, the nephew of Nonviolence International's founder Mubarak Awad. Holy Land Trust has over 20 years of experience working in nonviolence, peacemaking, and creating awareness of the social and political conditions in the Holy Land. What makes Holy Land Trust unique is our focus on personal transformation and addressing the spiritual trauma that prevents a just and lasting peace. Holy Land Trust is neither a political nor a religious organization but seeks to practice and live a life motivated by unconditional love and not fear.
Tell us about one exciting project, program, or other offering you are currently working on.
Fact Finding Tour This tour provides a deeper understanding of Israel’s program of settler colonialism. This tour invites you to see firsthand what is going on in Palestine and Israel. You will wake up to the smell of freshly brewed Arabic Coffee being prepared daily by your host family before visiting religious and historical sites in the Holy Land. As you travel through the region, you will hear stories from the people who live here and taste the incredible food and cuisine of Palestine. You will meet politicians, clergy, and community leaders, as well as members of peace organizations and activists representing the different sides in this unique Holy Land experience.
How do the Three Tenets inform your social engagement?
Most of the decisions we make in the present for the future are motivated by our past experiences. We think what's possible or not, is based on what has worked or not and the assumptions we have. When talking about peace and justice in the land, most say it is unimaginable or will take multiple generations. All these aspects do not allow for engagement; why engage in that which is impossible?
What is the most meaningful challenge your organization Faces?
Holy Land Trust continues to update its curriculum to reflect the shifting realities on-the-ground. The political situation continues to change, and new research continues to shed light on the culture and history of the region. As an organization, we push ourselves to keep the program relevant to the realities of the present-day.
For more information: encounter@holylandtrust.org
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