Zen Peacemaker Affiliate
The Zen Studies Sangha
To provide an online Soto Zen Sangha for the followers of the Zen Studies Podcast. Allowing geographically disparate practitioners that are interested in Zen to do Zazen and study Buddhism together.
Tell us a bit about how your group was concieved
The Sangha grew from some of the 1500 Zen Studies Podcast listeners that were without local access to a Sangha expressing a desire to sit Zazen with other practitioners.
How many members do you serve? 10
Tell us about one exciting project, program, or other offering you are currently working on.
Domyo Burk hosts a weekly Zen Studies Podcast. Each episode deeply examines a particular aspect of Zen practice, culture, or history. Domyo Burk personally produces the Zen Studies Podcast and serves as the priest and teacher of the Zen Studies Sangh. The Zen Studies Sangha also sponsors a quarterly peace-sit, which is a 2 hour, non-denominational, gathering of peace conscious individuals interested in sitting in harmony together over the internet in a medium that transcends doctrinal, religious racial, ethnic and geographic barriers.
How do the Three Tenets inform your social engagement?
Our Peace-Sitting program is a form of social engagement that promotes "not-knowing," or sitting together without a preconceived agenda as a path to harmonious inter-relationships among peace conscious people separated by large distances.
What is the most meaningful challenge your organization Faces?
To grow our on-line Sangha membership.
For more information: dankingsleyod@gmail.com
The Zen Studies Sangha -
Portland, Oregon