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Zen Life & Meditation Center
Our mission is to empower people to live a Zen-inspired life of openness, empathy and clarity.
Tell us a bit about how your group was concieved
How many members do you serve? 120
Tell us about one exciting project, program, or other offering you are currently working on.
We're helping people to meditate and stay connected during the pandemic with our Commit to Sit program: https://www.zlmc.org/commit-to-sit, and making a difference with our Zen Heart Way outreach by supporting people to meet basic needs in these challenging times: https://www.zlmc.org/zenheart
How do the Three Tenets inform your social engagement?
At the beginning of 2020, as the pandemic began to set in, we were faced with the question of how to respond to this global crisis. By patiently and lovingly bearing witness and approaching the challenge with an open heart, the answer emerged in the form of Zen Heart Way: a program initially conceived to make masks for marginalized and at-risk communities. The Sangha organized to design, craft, and distributed durable handmade masks to over 3,500 people in need in Chicago and around the country. As needs change and new opportunities to engage have emerged our mission has evolved to include a greater outreach: offering assistance and compassionate care to those in need. Administered by the Priests of ZLMC and lovingly carried out by the Sangha - Zen Heart Way continues to address hunger, privation, and need wherever it is found.
What is the most meaningful challenge your organization Faces?
Distance and isolation continue to affect vast numbers of people, so we are acting to bring our offerings into the virtual space in a way that is truly engaging and meaningful.
For more information: robert.althouse@zlmc.org
Our Website: https://zlmc.org
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