Guidelines for Contributing to the Zen Peacemakers Journal

Guidelines for Journal Submissions

(Picture above by Dina Awwad-Srour & Emma Sham-ba Ayalon)


INSPIRE US! Do you have a story to share in the spirit of the Zen Peacemakers and the Three Tenets? Consider writing for the Zen Peacemakers Online Journal. We are constantly collecting stories, interviews, essays, and reflections to share with our international community. Writing can be a great way to practice the Three Tenets, to re-enter a situation with no bias, to bear witness and explore the ingredients present, and to consider them from different perspectives. One expression of compassion is said to be “Give No Fear”, and writing can be a way to give, to share with others, fearlessly.

Please follow these guidelines and contact [email protected] with any questions:

Guidelines For ZPO Newsletter/Post Submissions:

  • Supply a Title
  • Flexible 500-2000 words
  • Among subjects to write about:
    • A recent ZPO retreat or training you’ve been on; a bearing witness retreat, a street retreat, a plunge, a workshop, a training program,
    • Experiences with ZPO practices,
    • Your work,
    • Your volunteer experience,
    • Your relationship with others and the environment.
  • In the content please refer to the Zen Peacemakers’ Three-Tenets through your own personal experience. What happened that brought them to life? What questions arose for you?
  • Consider writing as if sharing in Council:
    • Write spontaneously and write from the heart. Focus on observations of circumstances and distinguish these from your experience of your thoughts, feelings and values. Consider sharing what will benefit you, what will contribute to others, and what will contribute to the world. Stay with your own experience, and refrain from addressing named others’ opinions.
    • Write lean and drop to essence. Please refrain from teaching and theorizing extensively.
    • Waive confidentiality; expect your words to be shared with everyone.
  • All languages accepted – please provide an English translation which will be featured first (if you need a translator, please request one from Rami or from the ZPI Members Facebook group)
  • One or more photographs relating directly to the content, hi-resolution, legal and with permission stated
  • Credit line for the photographs
  • A short bio about the author(s)
  • Openness to conversation around edits. ZPI may use your submission in full or in part.
  • Not all submissions will be used for various reasons or constrictions.