Bearing Witness to the Night

March 2024 Many mornings, as something of a ritual affirming my connection to a Home Place, I log on and conne […]

Get Out of Your Head

When we project conditioning from our past onto the present, we turn a benign moment into something else. Unde […]

Beloved Community

Beloved Community   Into the circle of all beings we have come With sunshine and tree and raven and coyot […]

A Pilgrimage to Rüdesheim

Eine Pilgerfahrt zu Hildegard von Bingen rund um meinen Geburtstag: 13.-15.4.2023 von Monika Winkelmann | 20. […]

Everything is Practice

Dharma Talk 24/07/23 – Richard Warner For the Dharma talk this week I wanted to take up a phrase teacher […]

Slow Walking

Camino de Santiago, Astorga, Spain (26.06.2023) On pilgrimage, on walkabout, the destination isn’t really the […]

Fury & Faith

Fury & Faith by Amanda Gorman You will be told this is not a problem, Not your problem. You will be told n […]

Taking Action with Eon Zen

Serving Dinner at the Boulder Shelter for the Homeless Serving and engaging in community is fundamental to Zen […]