Tara, Mother Buddha of Great Love

When we visualize emptiness as the Mother of Great Love, this visualization opens our hearts to the experience of the unconditional love that abides in the Universe. The deep experience of emptiness is unconditional love.

Zen Peacemakers Core Training: Meditation Instruction with Michel Engu Dobbs, Roshi

April 8, 2024 Human beings have been practicing mindfulness or meditation for millennia. It is a natural activity for us, like sleep, or walking, or moving about. Often, this practice is part of a religious or spiritual tradition, taking on many varied forms. And many of us meditate unaffiliated with any doctrine or lineage. We […]

The Sound of One Hand Slapping, brought to you by the Bird Who Knows Everything

Ara "Tutu" Fitzgerald, a member of Zen Peacemakers and The Order of Disorder is honored to return to this Circle for a third time. She will introduce a new character (The Bird), and screen an updated version of a short film created by Ara, Clare Byrne, and Peter Cunningham. ("Pilgrimage"). And we will consider together […]

Mad Ones, Wise Ones, and Rogues – Zen's American Ancestors

Meet some of the bold eccentrics, scholars and artists who paved the way for Zen practice as we know it today — Sokei-an Sasaki, the "Original Dharma Bum" of 1920s and 30s America; Ruth Fuller Sasaki, a wealthy socialite who became the first American Zen priest; John Cage, whose silent musical compositions and lectures on […]

Peacemaker Priest in Finland

Finnish visual artist and researcher of prehistory of art Rev. Mikko Rakushin Kendō Ijäs Ph.D has been building a socially engaged Buddhist practice group in Helsinki, Finland together with his wife Maija Myōshō Ijäs since 2017. Reverend Mikko will talk about his experiences of what does it mean to be a priest of foreign religion […]

Current Situation in Ukraine and Poland: Refugee Needs (March 19, 2024)

Please join us to hear our Polish Peacemaker friends, Orina Krajewska of Małgosia Braunek “Be” Foundation and the Zwiazek Buddyjski/Kanzeon Sangha in Warsaw, along with volunteer and activist Vladyslav Gryn as they talk about  the situation in Ukraine and Poland, as well as refugee needs. Vladyslav will describe not only life in Ukraine two years after the beginning of war, but will […]