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Clear View Project
Buddhist-Based Resources for Relief and Social Change
We are directly funding and consulting Buddhist-based peace-building training in Ambedkarite communities in India. In Myanmar, we are working with and through partner organizations in Myanmar and Thailand to support civil society training and humanitarian relief.

Clear View Project is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization based in Berkeley, California. A partner organization within the International Network of Engaged Buddhists, the Clear View Project has worked extensively on humanitarian projects throughout Myanmar, Bangladesh, and India.

Clearview Project is overseen by Hozan Alan Senauke, working in close collaboration with a global network of socially engaged Buddhists.

Our main areas of work:

  • Clear View has taken responsibility for BPF’s Burma Project. We have built strong connections with western Buddhist centers, Burmese communities in exile here in the U.S., and Burma activist organizations. We aim to keep the banner of Burmese liberation clearly in the sight of western Buddhists. there. And we have been partnering with Sasana Moli —  the International Burmese Monks’ Organization — to support the Burmese sangha at this perilous time.
  • Since September 2007’s democracy demonstrations, we have been supporting the Burmese people politically and materially. In December of 2007, Alan led a small delegation to Burma and the Thai-Burma border to bear witness and begin to assess needs there. Clear View’s Burma activity has two aspects.
  • We are working with other established non-profits like the Foundation for the People of Burma to fund material aid for those caught up in the suppression and in the devastation following Cyclone Nargis. We are supporting a number of monastic and secular schools for children in need within Burma and on the Thai-Burma border. We will also be working with FPB in 2009, helping to train their Rangoon-based staff.
  • Clear View has been in dialogue with “new Buddhists” from India’s ex-untouchable communities — millions of Buddhists living in terrible poverty and discrimination despite legal protections of the Indian constitution.  Our work with the Dalits is in affiliation with TBMSG, the Trailokya Bauddha Mahasangha Sahayaka Gana, a “non-sectarian Buddhist movement which seeks to promote the practice of Buddhism in a form appropriate to the modern world.”
  • We’ve been developing materials on nonviolent social action, and designing multi-day meditation retreats based on Zen Buddhist forms, adapted for the Indian cultural environment.
  • Clear View is developing and planning to launch the first engaged Buddhist blog.  Well-known engaged Buddhist writers, activists and practitioners will offer concise columns and essays on a regular basis, and the format will allow for extensive dialogue with others and with our wide community.
Project Launch Date: September 10, 2007
How can people help? Clear View Project is happy to accept financial donations. Your generosity directly aids our work: supporting those in need and covering our modest overhead. Your financial donation to Clear View Project is tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Clear View is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3) organization, EIN 45-2251087.
For more information: info@clearviewproject.org
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