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Holy Land Trust
Fostering Peace, Justice and Understanding in the Holy Land
Our vision is to see a lasting and just peace in the Holy Land grounded by honoring the dignity and rights of all peoples.


Holy Land Trust was founded In 1998 by Sami Awad, the nephew of Nonviolence International's founder Mubarak Awad. Their current team includes Executive Director Elias Deis, Creative Manager Said Zarzar, Bet Lahem Live Director Lara Mitri, and Sami Awad, whose current role is Programs Director. HLT is headquartered in Bethlehem, where they have operated since the organization's founding.

What is the Holy Land?

The Holy Land refers to an area between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean Sea. The world’s three major monotheistic religions: Judaism, Islam, and Christianity, find their origins here. The inhabitants have shared the land for thousands of years as each of the religions maintains at least one of their most sacred sites within the sacred area. Throughout history, religious groups have disputed and even fought over claims to the Holy Land and its inhabitants.

Project Launch Date: January 1, 1998
How can people help? Working with our US partner Nonviolence International, please consider making a generous donation to Holy Land Trust today. https://www.nonviolenceinternational.net/donate_hlt
For more information: info@holylandtrust.org
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Holy Land Trust
Bethlehem, Palestine