The New Monasticism: A Manifesto for Contemplative Living

by Adam Bucko  (Author), Rory McEntee  (Author)

Young leaders of the new monastic movement introduce their vision for contemplative life–one that draws from the long traditions of East and West but also seeks an interreligious and “interspiritual” dimension to intentional living in our time. With a preface by Fr. Thomas Keating, a foreword by Beverly Lenzatta, and an afterword by Sufi teacher Llewellyn Vaughan-Lee.

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The New Monasticism: A Manifesto for Contemplative Living

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An introduction to the “new monastic movement,” offering the authors’ intellectual and spiritual reflections on vocation, dialogical conversation, the relationship with traditional religious paths, and the building of intentional communities. The authors seek to “cut across the boundaries of religious traditions, of contemplation and action, and endeavor to create intergenerational alliances between those immersed in the depths of our traditional religious frameworks and those who are being called to contemplative life outside of those frameworks.”

The book will also incorporate some popular modern-day academic, cultural, and economic theorists, such as Zygmunt Bauman, David Korten, Cornell West, and bell hooks, who speak to young people about creating a more sacred and just world while providing them with sophisticated tools for social analysis.


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