ZPO Membership

As One Body, we seek to be intimate with all beings. Recognizing the emptiness of self calls us to appreciate all our different manifestations. In that spirit, we welcome spiritually-based peacemakers of every race, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability.

Existing Members

Many of us were inducted into the Order in its early years. While European members have continues supporting each other and working together, the Order as a unified family in other countries, especially in the United States, often lacked energy and resources.

We would like to welcome back existing Order members from various countries. Please share with us your projects, skills, and experience, and help to mentor newer and younger members. 

To do this, please email [email protected]. In addition, please consider a ceremony of recommitment that will reconnect you with the Order, its offerings, and new members.

New Members

We are also welcoming new members who wish to be part of the ZPO family. It doesn’t matter if you’re already part of a sangha or not, or whether or not you have a teacher. While there may be some overlap between the  offerings of ZPO and a local sangha, we plan to offer multiple paths of practice led by teachers in these fields. Members could attend as many offerings as they wish, with the option of specializing in certain fields of practice.

Veteran members will serve as mentors to new members, helping them clarify their intentions and supporting them in their practice and work.

Cost Of Membership

ZPO will need to sustain itself and cover the costs of its programs. Financial support is part of the practice field of all members. 

Additionally, individual and series courses will carry a fee.

Membership and course fees are all subject to ability to pay. Speak with your mentor for adjustments to fees.

Please email for more info
[email protected]