ZPO Membership


As the one body, we seek intimacy with all beings. Recognizing the emptiness of self calls us to appreciate all our different manifestations. In that spirit, we welcome spiritually-based peacemakers of every race, nationality, class, gender, sexual orientation, age, and physical ability.

Existing Members

Many have been inducted into the Order over the years.

We would like to welcome existing Order members to share with us your projects, skills, and experiences, and to help mentor newer and younger members. 

To do this, please email zpo@zenpeacemakers.org. In addition, please consider a ceremony of recommitment that will reconnect you with the Order, its offerings, and new members. We offer regular Renewal of Vows and reflections on the Rule sessions.

New Members

We welcome new members who wish to be part of the ZPO community. It doesn’t matter if you’re already part of a sangha or not, or whether or not you have a teacher. While there may be some overlap between the offerings of ZPO and a local sangha, we offer multiple paths of practice led by teachers in specific fields of Zen Peacemaker focus.

We offer a two-year training program that covers all aspects of Peacemaker engaged action, including experiential programs.

To learn more about ZPO membership and training, please email to: