Path To Membership

Members of ZPO have a regular meditation practice and vow to abide by the Rule. You don’t have to be a Buddhist but you should have a regular practice of meditation or prayer.  A module of teachings on the Rule will be provided regularly, as well as training in Council, health/wellbeing, and the importance of humor. A Mentor will be assigned to support you in this preparatory stage, at the end of which you will be invited to participate in an installation ceremony and become a Member. 


As a Member of ZPO you can choose a Mentor with whom to share your ZPO path. You will also be invited to:

— Study the Mandala and the Five Wisdom Families

— Study one or more dharma paths offered in the ZPO

— Present your engaged path, program, or project to other Members

— Participate in monthly councils with Members

— Continue taking offerings in health/wellbeing and clowning

— Deepen your study of the Rule, and especially the Three Tenets.

— Participate in an Annual Meeting of Members

Five Wisdom Families

Buddha Family:


Three Tenets

Multifaith practices (including prayer)

Order of Disorder

Ratna Family:

Business/Social Entrepreneurship



Padma Family:

Deep Listening and Council



Karma Family:

Social Service

Peace and Justice



Study of Mentorship

A few of these paths will be available as we open, while others will develop over time. Members will have the option of choosing one or more paths to practice more deeply in, perhaps in congruence with their career choice.